Let your brand set you apart from your competition.

Whether you are establishing a new brand or making changes to an existing one, the first and the most important step is to perform a research, which includes identifying your competitors, identifying your business objectives, establishing your company’s mission and vision statements and explore current relationship with customers and their experiences with your brand. Every business needs something to be recognized by and that means more than a beautiful and fully functional web design. At SmartClick, we offer a variety of web design and branding services to help you build online presence and get noticed.

We can do more than design you a responsive website or a professional and good looking logo that will improve your users’ experience. We can help you establish a brand, an identity, with elements that will shout out your company’s core values. Your brand represents who you are as a business or a company, which is why it is of utmost importance to have it reflect your values and vision. Given the fact that our brains process images 60,000 times faster than words, your web design, your logo and your overall branding matter.

Our Process

No matter what sort of designing or branding services you need, this is our 6-step process:



We start by asking you a few questions to make sure we understand your branding needs. Company name, company strengths, biggest competitors, any company design guidelines to follow and any other specifics, we want to know it all before we begin in order to ensure your satisfaction with our services.



We make a research to understand your target market, pinpoint biggest competitors and identify your goals. Once we understand your vision for your business and identify your goals, we are ready to figure out the ideal way to convey your message.



We write down your business vision, desires, goals and expectations of your branding and figure out the best way to achieve them with careful planning. Then we construct an outline of your website.


Generate Ideas

Before we get to designing, we generate ideas and sketches and try to find the right feel for your business. We will ask for extensive feedback on any idea or sketch in order to establish in which direction to proceed.



We design your website, logo, graphic, custom icons, business cards or invoices that perfectly reflect your vision and goals. If you agree that it really does bring your business come to life, we finalize the design.


Provide Guidelines & Train on Proper Use

We will not just complete your design or brand identity and leave it be. We will provide a branding guideline and help you train your personnel on proper application of any particular brand component, including logo, icons and social media buttons usage, color palette, image use and language use.

We create brands that stand out. And brands that stand out, win.

We can create you a website design that will both look great and run flawlessly on all devices. Having the right design increases the odds of customers engagement, start of conversations and conversions. Our primary goal is to make things easier for your clients, which in this case is to give them the information they are seeking quickly. Let’s combine your company’s vision with our web designing experience to get a beautiful web design that shows your uniqueness.

We turn our visual knowledge into visual solutions for you. From logo to custom icons and everything between, we can create or improve your existing brand. We don’t want your brand to look like it is outdated or become irrelevant by not adapting to latest trends and changes. That’s why our aim is to provide branding services that are relevant, up-to-date and suit both you and your customers. Exchange contact information with beautiful and professional business cards or use a customized invoice template for your business.

As we mentioned above, brains processed visual content quicker than words and that itself tells enough how important is to have a good looking branding. We employ tried and proven marketing research skills to create a unique identity for your company. With our graphic design services you will attract a larger audience and boost your customers engagement, which can result in bigger conversions number.

Get a professional logo tailored to your brand’s core values and your company’s vision. We take logo designing seriously, because it means more than meets the eye. Your logo will help your brand set apart from your competition and represent your brand properly. Unique, meaningful and in tune with your brand, tell the world your story in a second with your logo.

Make your website further stand out with custom icons. We can make custom icons just for you, so you won’t have to use generic stock icons like all your competitors do. Each icon is custom drawn using the color, the style and concept requirements for your application. Custom icons that match your branding tell the world that you as a company are unique.

We're looking forward to start a project with you!

We have the expertise, the experience and the know-how attitude that allows us to plan, implement and provide a full range of digital marketing services. Our strategies to develop a website that ranks high on Google and boost your overall online success are based on expert data insights and detailed analysis.