This platform is based on Laravel on the back-end and Bootstrap 4 and VueJS on the front-end. Our participation was on the front-end part where we create all the layouts for the pages for the public website and inside the administration panel. All the designs were previously created by their in-house developer and then we continue creating the HTML5/CSS3/JS conversion based on flex which was implemented into Laravel View-Templates. We also worked on the first version of the main website, and first version of the blog which was made in WordPress. Additionally, we made some landing pages for conferences and the page Join The Hunt which is also inner project.

Client:  Valuer

Category: Web Development

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Valuer helps corporations, accelerators, and investors find “high potential” startups that specifically fit the corporation’s strategic innovation requirements. In order to achieve this, Valuer developed a platform that uses crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence to detect, predict, evaluate and select startups that are particularly relevant to large companies.