Valuer helps corporations, accelerators, and investors find “high potential” startups that specifically fit the corporation’s strategic innovation requirements. Valuer developed a platform that uses crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence to detect, predict, evaluate and select startups that are particularly relevant to large companies.


The client wanted the FrontEnd part of the whole website to be fully developed. They also wanted a first draft of the website as well as a Blog section. Apart from the website, they wanted several other landing pages for their purposes and for organised events.

The Challenge:

The client needed complete functionality, so we managed to tackle the challenges of the website development on a platform that was based on Laravel and on Bootstrap 4 and VueJs for FrontEnd. We created all the pages of the website and all the pages on the Dashboard. The esigns were provided by the designer team of Valuer.

What We Worked on:

  • FrontEnd development of all the pages on the website and Dashboard based on Bootstrap. (Some of the designs have been modified since the completion of the cooperation)
  • The code for the website was created using Sass (framework for CSS) and the whole design was based on Flex. Afterwards, it was implemented into laravel View templates.
  • We did the first version of the website.
  • Created the Blog section on the website in a custom design on WordPress.
  • Landing pages for the website, others for the company’s purposes (for example for the website Join the Hunt) and other organised events.

Valuer Logo Portfolio
Valuer Project



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