Rubyfish Digital is a digital agency that makes responsive websites and applications, mobile and multiplatform apps, iOS and Android apps, content management systems, cloud based deployments and offers other services in the digital IT department. They believe that execution is everything and strive to create websites that embody their aspiration to deliver truly beautiful experiences.

LifeTimes – is a social platform where you can build your own interactive, international and eve-growing family tree. They strive to become the largest publicly available genealogical database on the internet so that they can bring families around the world together.


The client wanted us to create their website in WordPress from scratch. In addition, they need us on other projects including creating a study planner for Monash University and Griffith University as well as a landing page for Monash.

The Challenge:

To work on the website of Rubyfish Digital meant working with passion and emboding creativity and innovation. As their slogan goes: “We look at digital experiences a little differently”, our whole work demanded to have an “out of the box” approach.

What We Worked on:

  •   Website in WordPress from scratch for Rubyfish Digital
    • The front-end part of the project is PSD to HTML5/CSS3/JS conversion based on Twitter Bootstrap for the responsive design. The project had several pages and the most specific part of it was the parallax effect is made for the Main Menu and changes the menu background, link, and logo colors while also has an effect on the Hero image which scrolls with different speed than the rest of the page and is always 100% stretched on all devices.
  • FrontEnd development for LifeTimes
    • The project has a lot of pages and each of them contains a different type of elements: Sticky Menu, Various sliders, Parallax, Timeline Page, Sticky sidebar, Forms with custom fields and so on. The key features are: Hand Written HTML5/CSS3 clean code applying W3C Standards with SEO friendly structure, Cross-browser (IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), cross-platform and cross-device compatibility (Major tablet + mobile browsers), Pixel-perfect responsive design, Table-less markup, Optimized CSS, Speed optimization, Retina support, Well documented
  • Study Planner and Landing Page for Monash University
    • All the above mentioned features were made for the Monash project as well.

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