The Newton Group is a company that collaborated with highly specialized and reputable individuals to help create exceptional quality websites, proposals and other marketing pieces. They specialize in writing powerful and compelling proposals and business plans to obtain needed financing from major banks and investment firms.


The client wanted an SEO strategy that will make their focus keywords “business plan writer Vancouver” and “business plan writer Toronto”, “professional business plan writer” to rank high on Google search results. The time frame was 6 months, from May 2018 to November 2018.

The Challenge:

The client’s website was not to be found in the top 100 results for both focus keywords “business plan writer Vancouver” and “business plan writer Toronto” prior to starting with working on an SEO strategy. The focus target was Canada (Vancouver and Toronto).

What We Worked on:

  • We optimised the website in the course of 1 month (On-Page SEO)
  • Conducted an extensive Off-Page SEO for the next 5 months.
  • The website platform we used was Square Space
  • The results:
    • business plan writer Vancouver” – 1st place
    • “business plan writer Vancouver” – 3rd place

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