Neveya Cosmetics is a makeup company that stocks some of the world’s bestselling cosmetic brands including Dreamweave & Co, Youngblood Cosmetics, Jessica Nails, The Quick Flick and many more. All of the brands they work with are cruelty-free and many products are made from vegan ingredients. They believe in the power of the brands they sell because they promote health and pure, ethical and technologically advanced values undertaken in the production of the products.


The client wanted a new, responsive and revamped website easy to maintain along with graphic solutions and content creation. Also, they wanted a designed digital strategy for social media presence in addition to the overall SEO optimised website and a long-term SEO plan.

The Challenge:

Neveya Cosmetics’ existing website did not reflect the scale and vision of the company. They entrusted us to recreate the website, improve the SEO results, create content about their products and design a long-term SEO plan that included social media presence and an engaging representation of the brands and products.

What We Worked on:

  • A completely new look of the website, responsive on all devices
  • Advertising stationary material including flyers and a business card
  • Graphics for social media (picture templates for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest)
  • Blog with regular updates with tips and tricks about beauty and health
  • Social media marketing – activation and running of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest profile pages
  • Activation and regularly updating of Google My Business Profile
  • A long-term SEO strategy

Neveya Cosmetics Logo Project

Closer Look and Results

The website

We created the website in WordPress and WooCommerce making sure that all of the information is SEO relevant. The result was a redeveloped and user friendly website that reflects the reputation of our client and clearly presents their values, mission and vision.

The website is easily manageable which enables our client to add, remove and change products, descriptions and other important information.

Graphic Design

The images were all custom made and adjusted to fit in the website’s design.

Graphic Images were created for social media purposes – templates to use when a product is presented on Facebook and Instagram (specially designed with dimensions that are appropriate for Facebook and Instagram feed and Instagram Stories)

Neveya Project Graphic Design
Flyers and marketing promotional material including a business card were also made with a focus on the logo and the vibrant colours our client is recognisable for.
Neveya Project Graphics

Content Creation

The content on the website was written and adjusted specifically to be recognised as SEO relevant, including the descriptions of the categories and products.

With the aim of optimising all the keywords, SmartClick conducted thorough research in order to create a blog post about the very subject and how it is linked with Neveya Cosmetics products. SmartClick continues to produce fresh and highly strategic content for Neveya Cosmetics.

The blog is actively updated with fresh, new, hot topics from the beauty world and a proper representation of the products is made in high-quality articles also shared across the social media platforms.

Guest Posts are actively written for and accepted on influential blogs from the beauty and cosmetics industry, providing the client with an increase in the organic traffic, clicks on the website and an overall raise of the brand awareness.


With our strong content and creative SEO strategy, we were able to improve Neveya Cosmetics site structure and content to be search engine optimised and fit within a desired strategic foundation.

We adopted a unique and skilful SEO copywriting service which has not only improved the social sharing of the content but aided the overall SEO campaign.

Key Highlight

Increased organic traffic sessions by 746.94%

The client started out with only 5 keywords in the Top 10, but over time, we have helped them rank 11 keywords in the Top 10.

Traffic Acquisition Update May 2019 (for 6 months work period)

Neveya Cosmetics Organic Search has increased by 746.94% since December 2018 (the month when Neveya Cosmetics started our digital marketing services). This has increased and trickled down to other forms of web traffic which have also increased. Direct traffic up 3736.36%, referral traffic up by 3350% and social up to 1333.33%.

Social Media Marketing

We are working on a constantly developing social media strategy which is changing according to the latest trends in the field and we provide the followers with constant updates about all the aspects of our client and their story on a daily basis.

After extensive research, the time frame for posting was pre-determined which enabled and is still enabling the posts to reach as many people as possible and engage them into the story.

Facebook Strategy:
Posting about products, their benefits and unique qualities, quotes, tips and tricks as well as video tutorials in a carefully planned strategy at least a week before going live.
Instagram Strategy:
Every day updates about hot topics and advertisement of products connecting to the community that uses or is interested in the same products.
Google My Business
We created and maintain the Google My Business profile of our client, regularly posting and updating about important information about products and events.
Neveya Project Results

A Few Words from the Client

I have been really happy with the work that SmartClick has done for my business. They have been very thorough and consistently sent me emails and updates on how my SEO and Social Media projects were going – plus they built me a fantastic website!

Their expertise and advice has been really helpful and has enabled me to grow in the domains that I was unsure of doing myself.

I would recommend their services to anyone wanting to grow their business!



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