LG Business Systems offers a functional and hassle free ‘low cost’ label and paper stationery solutions to various businesses and homes across Australia. Their range of different kind of labels, thermal labels, thermal ribbons and other administrative business forms is impressive. They take pride in their locally produced eco-friendly products and the fact that they maintain the same standards of quality from the foundation of the company in 1992.


The client wanted an updated look of the website with new, fresh colours, more appealing for the customers, creation of blog and weekly blog entries about their products and services, and a digital marketing strategy that will make their brand popular among target audience.

The Challenge:

The company didn’t have active social media profiles and didn’t rank high on Google search results. They put their belief in us to make their brand recognisable for the premium quality of office stationery they offer and modernise the old look of the website. In addition, we had to think of a long-term SEO plan that will present them as the reliable and valuable company they are in Australia in the online world.

What We Worked on:

  • Changed the look of the website with more vibrant and attractive colours and designs
  • Created a blog and regularly updated it with new information twice or three times a week depending on the necessities.
  • Compressed all the images and optimised them for SEO purposes
  • Improved the relevancy of the links of products for SEO purposes
  • Social media marketing – Facebook page and LinkedIn page profiles which are regularly updated on a daily basis with information about products, blog posts and important information
  • Activation and regularly updating of Google My Business Profile
  • Designed a long term SEO strategy

LG Business Logo

Closer Look and Results

The website

We improved the visual appearance of the website with new, fresher and more noticeable colours that easily put the focus on the products of the client. We made sure that all the links are SEO optimised and compressed all the imagery uploaded on the website, therefore increasing the speed of access.
LG Case Study

Content Creation

We activated the blog section which we regularly update a few times a week with texts whose aim is to present the products  to the target customers and give them an opportunity to get familiar with their purpose, usage, characteristics or other important information relevant to know before ordering the desired product.

The texts are also shared across the relevant social media platforms (Facebook and LinkedIn).

Content is regularly prepared and sent to blogs that post informative content about small, medium and big businesses’ needs, related to the industry our client strives in.

Web Copywriting

We optimised the meta titles and alt tags across all the website.


Key Highlight

Increased organic traffic sessions by 637.86%

When we started working on the project, the website was not indexed on Google at all, henceforth in the upcoming period we managed to bring 15+ keywords in the Top 10, all of them indexed on Google.

Our SEO services have increased their rankings for these keywords:

#1 for “pay envelope”

#1 for “green tyvek wristbands”

#3 for “carbonless continuous paper”

SEO Challenges

Improve traffic from organic search

Improve ranking for main keywords

SEO Strategy

Long-tail keyword research

Website structure refinement


After 6 months of Web-promotion and SEO strategy, we reported the following result per their campaign. Total organic traffic increase of 637.86% in just 6 months. These are significant numbers, the most important of which being the number of additional inbound leads.

Traffic Acquisition Update May 2019 (for 6 months work period)

LG Business Systems Organic Search has increased by 637.86% since December 2018 (the month when we  started our digital marketing services)

This has increased and trickled down to other forms of web traffic which have also increased.

Direct traffic up 684.68%

Referral traffic up by 460.37%

Social traffic up to 670%

Social Media Marketing

We are working on a constantly developing social media strategy which is changing according to the latest trends in the field and we provide the followers with constant updates about all the aspects of our client and their story on a daily basis.

After extensive research, the time frame for posting was pre-determined which enabled and is still enabling the posts to reach as many people as possible and engage them into the story.


  • Posting about the products and their characteristics, tips about using the products and fresh content from the blog
  • Created a ‘Shop’ section where all the products are easily available to order.


  • Posting about the products and their characteristics, tips about using the products and fresh content from the blog

Google My Business
We created and maintain the Google My Business profile of our client, regularly posting and updating about important information about products and events.
SmartClick LG Results GMB
SmartClick LG Results

A Few Words from the Client

We are very satisfied by all of the work SmartClick did for our website and our online business in general. The constant communication and feedback we received from the team is exceptional. They managed to improve the functionality of the website increased the traffic, made us more recognisable on Google and developed a digital marketing strategy that helped us advertise our products on social media platforms.

We would recommend their expertise to anyone who needs help in the online world of business.



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