Kaktus is a web platform that allows businesses to easily organise all their events, regardless of it being a smimple meeting, a party or a multi-day seminar. It strives to become the reference in the sector of the come-finders, first in France and then in Europe. Today, you can compare nearly 8000 places all over France and obtain clear quotes in just a few hours.


The client wanted FrontEnd development on the website. They wanted a responsive design across all media platforms.

The Challenge:

The FrontEnd part of the project was to be completed as a conversion of PSD to HTML5/CSS3/JS based on Twitter Bootstrap. The designs were provided by the client.

What We Worked on:

  • Conversion of PSD to HTML5/CSS3/JS based on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Implementation into Rails

Kactus Logo Project
Kactus Portfolio Item


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