FoxPush is a new kind of Web Push Notification technology for website owners which is described as super-smart, super-simple and super-targeted. They take existing web push notification technology to new levels incorporating bid data, behavioural targeting and an epic range of features to maximise impact and relevance.


The client wanted us to work on the Frontend section of the website which meant starting from scratch and building the website into a completely engaging and attractive visual appearance.

The Challenge:

Using the designs provided by the client, the project needed to be finished by conversion of PSD to HTML5/CSS3/JS based on Twitter Bootstrap 4. There were a couple of challenges related to the rotated and angled backgrounds that needed to be done.

What We Worked on:

  • The whole project was 6 pages and all of them are optimised to answer to the functionality needs of the user.
  • Animations were added as you scroll down the pages to create a smooth movement and an engaging user experience
  • Conversion of PSD to HTML5/CSS3/JS based on Twitter Bootstrap with designs provided by the client gave the expected results.

Fox Push Logo Portfolio
Fox Push Project


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