Event Source is a Canadian company for planning rentals and executing events to the tiniest detail. They offer accurate and efficient serivce and complete support with over 3.500 different high-quality products and one million items in stock. Their experience of 40 years in the business makes them Certified Event Rental Professionals.


The client needed us to make the website completely functional and build a lot of new sections and pages that contain all the information of their services and products.

The Challenge:

Using the designs provided by the client for the custom admin dashboard and custom marketing dashboard, the finished product was a result of their conversion into HTML5/CSS3/JS.

What We Worked on:

  • The following pages on the website: category listings, property listings, deals etc. Each of them had different custom elements on every page, such as sliders, carousels, sticky navigation and sticky sidebar
  • Created custom admin dashboard and custom marketing dashboard with conversion of the designs provided by the client  into HTML5/CSS3/JS

Event Source Project
EventSource Portfolio


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