Efficient Law Group is a Law firm dealing in family, criminal & traffic law, restraining order and personal injury. They are dedicated to helping people resolve their matters with minimum wasted effort or expense. Taking pride in being different from the traditional law firm, they have developed services aimed at providing more value for money to their clients.


The client wanted a new WordPress website that will be completely functional and easily manageable. In addition, they wanted and SEO optimised website and an SEO strategy that will further develop the potential of the brand.

The Challenge:

The website didn’t have the necessary tools for an easy access and adjustments in the system. Thus, they asked for improvements and needed a responsive version of the website across all the platforms. SEO was barely existent and it was necessary to create a plan that make the brand recognisable on Google

What We Worked on:

  • A completely new WordPress site, functional, responsive and bug-free with all the necessary plugins.
  • SEO strategy for raising popularity of the brand

Digital Marketing of Efficient Family Lawyer which is part of the ELG group. More precisely: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads), and Social Media Marketing

ELG Logo Project
Efficient Law Project


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